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Who are the returning citizens?

Commonly referred to as "ex-offenders" or "incarcerated individuals," the returning citizens are individuals who are either currently serving or have experienced time behind bars. It is estimated that there are approximately two million Americans (or 1 in 100 adults) who are currently serving time behind bars in federal, state, and county correctional facilities. Including those who are currently under parole and probation, we estimate that there is an estimated total of 7 million Americans who can be considered returning citizens.

By the numbers in Massachusetts



is the average age of returning citizens at the time of their release


of returning citizens below the age of 29 in Massachusetts


of returning citizens are persons of color


returning citizens are released each year in Massachusetts

Source: Massachusetts Department of Corrections - Prison Population Trends 2019

Working returning citizen

Find underappreciated and overlooked employees

CORI: Criminal Offender Record Information - colloquially known as the "background check" serves as one of the significant barriers to returning citizens attaining jobs, homes, and financial services. Due to typical aversion against working with individuals with a felony background, most returning citizens face significant barriers to joining the workforce. Despite the barrier, many returning citizens yearn for a chance for employers to give their candidacy a fair look.
When you work with a returning citizen, you are working with an individual who truly appreciates the job and an opportunity that's given to him or her.

Secure funding for training

In collaboration with Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC), we help your firm implement Registered Apprenticeship Training Program. Under the Registered Apprenticeship Training Program, your firm is entitled to Massachusetts State tax credit of up to $4,800 per apprentice. Depending on the nature of the work, we will also help you identify additional financial resources to subsidize your training requirements for the newly hired apprentice.

Mitigate your concerns

Despite the individual's qualifications, you may be reticent to work with someone who may be justifiably perceived as "high-risk." To address your concern, we work with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development to help you secure Fidelity Bonds that will provide insurance coverage up to $25,000 (with $0 deductible) for the first six months of employment at no cost to the employee or the employer.

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