Too many Americans are barred from growing economic opportunities due to their experience with the criminal-justice system

Too many Americans are impacted by criminal-justice system

There are over 2 million individuals behind bars in county jails, state prisons, and federal penitentiaries at any give moment across the country. To put this into another perspective, more than one in one-hundred adults between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five are behind bars in the US.
This figure does not even include millions more who are on parole or probation and are still part of the correctional system.
We call these individuals, "Returning Citizens."They are our family members, friends, neighbors, and valuable members of our community.

Returning Citizens are deemed 'untouchable' by employers

Up to 60% of returning citizens remain jobless a year after their release due to their criminal records and lack of employable skills. Locked out of gainful employment opportunities, many returning citizens fall back to substance abuse or engage in criminal activities. According to research reported by the Department of Justice, 67.8% of returning citizens were arrested again within 3 years of their release and 76.6% within 5 years.
Urban Institute reported in its 2008 research report that individuals who made more than $10 an hour were half as likely to return to prison as those making less than $7 an hour. Their finding shows us that having a stable source of income and a career path with the potential for financial upward mobility should be crucial pillars of a successful re-entry process for returning citizens.
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Our vision of the future is a place where returning citizens can become productive, contributing members of our society again.
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We 'reboot' careers and lives

Studies show that having gainful employment with a stable income is the best solution to preventing returning citizens from going back to correctional systems.
Reboot to Tech empowers and equips returning citizens with skills in high-tech industries and on-site work experience to help them attain successful careers and regain the dignity of becoming contributing members of society.

What We Can Do for You

Are you a returning citizen or someone who knows a friend or family member who is?
Returning Citizens

Reboot your career and life

You've made mistakes in the past, but those mistakes define who you are and your worth as a member of your community. We understand your frustration with navigating a job market that doesn't give you a fair look. We worked with many other returning citizens who faced similar circumstances.
It's time to reboot your career and life. Let us show you how.

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Tap into one of the largest untapped labor force in the country

Let us help you find your next star employee

Returning citizens constitute one of the largest untapped potential labor force in the country. Often shunned by traditional employers, many returning citizens hold a strong yearning for a second-chance to become contributing members of our society again. They are ready to work and commit to an employer willing to give them a chance.
Discover how you can make a deep impact on the lives of returning citizens while retaining talented and committed employees ready to add value to your firm.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with universities, colleges, corporations, and other community-based non-profit organizations that supports our mission of providing second-chance to returning citizens.
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Roxbury Community College
Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
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