Why are we "Re-booting"?


Serving beyond Returning Citizens behind bars

From its inception, Coders Beyond Bars has always committed to serving returning citizens behind bars because we believed our services have the most impact during the transitional period of the reentry process. As a result, our organization has focussed its activities on serving returning citizens who are behind bars.

However, we have come to recognize that many returning citizens walk among us in our communities today. Regardless of how many months or years passed since they have been released, returning citizens face numerous challenges in securing well-paying jobs and being recognized as contributing members of our society.

In recognition of the broader challenges experienced by returning citizens both inside and outside correctional facilities, we are compelled to change our name to reflect our broader mission of serving the entire returning citizens community at large.

Going beyond coding and software engineering

While coding continues to be a highly in-demand skill in today's economy, we are aware that a singular focus on coding and software development limits our ability to serve a broader range of individuals with different aptitudes and talents.

Today, skills in operating 3D printers and CNC milling machines are also high in-demand as growth in the advanced manufacturing sector is leading to shortages in the labor force equipped with these skills. Staying true to our original mission, our organization will continue to offer education in coding and seek partnerships with high-tech companies.

However, with the new name, we will also broaden our reach by expanding our educational programming to include a broader range of technical skills in demand by the current state of the labor market. We will also seek partnerships with companies in advanced manufacturing and other sectors wherever there is a demand for a technologically-capable employee.


Reboot to Tech

Regardless of our name change, our organization is committed to serving the community of returning citizens by educating and assisting them to become producers of digital technology and contributors to our society.

With new partnerships and programs, we relaunch on November 1st, 2020. Please come back to learn more about the next exciting phase of our mission.

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